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News about the Radar & Applications Course

The FY19 offering of RAC begins in October. Check this page occasionally for updates.

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Administrative Details

WDTD will provide information on a variety of administrative details an issues in this area. Here is a currently list of items RAC participants and local facilitators should be aware of:

  • For the FY19 version of the course, there will be no printed handout provided. We will be making a digital PDF version of the handout available in early October from our web site.
  • The RAC workshop will be 5 days long. As a result, travel days for the workshop will be Sunday and Friday evening or Saturday. When making flight reservations, we recommend that participants schedule flights on Friday evening after 7 pm unless there is a significant scheduling conflict.

Contact Information

If you encounter any problems, or have any other questions, with RAC, please feel free to contact us. The following e-mails contacts have been provided for your convenience.

Email Address
General Help
RAC Help List E-mail
Administrative Support
RAC Help List E-mail
Introduction to the WSR-88D
Andrew Wood's E-mail address
Principles of Meteorological Doppler Radar
Jami Boettcher's E-mail address
Velocity Interpretation
Chris Spannagle's e-mail address
Base and Derived Products
Andrew Wood's E-mail address
Winter Weather Applications
Don Rinderknecht's e-mail address
Convective Storm Structure and Evolution
Bobby Prentice's E-mail address
Flash Floods
Brad Grant's E-mail address
Storm-Based Warning Fundamentals
Brad Grant's E-mail address
RAC Workshop
RAC Help List E-mail