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FY 22 WOC Human Factors, Severe, and Flash Flood Now Available

The FY22 Warning Operations Course (WOC) Human Factors, Severe, and Flash Flood tracks were officially released in December of 2021. Any NWS forecasters interested in taking the courses should go to the corresponding course information page using the links below. The FY22 versions of WOC Winter are currently available, also.

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The Advanced Warning Operations Course (AWOC) began in 2005 to teach NWS forecasters science, technology, and human factors concepts beyond those presented in the Distance Learning Operations Course and WSR-88D Operations Course. This course, now known as the Warning Operations Course (WOC), consists of four tracks – Core Decision Making, Severe Weather, Flash Flood, and Winter Weather. The courses require an on-site facilitator (SOO, DOH, or locally appointed training officer) to guide the student through the courses. The various WOC tracks include combinations of web-based training, instructor-led training webinars, Weather Event Simulator (WES) simulations, and exercises. The course is designed to allow every NWS forecaster (meteorologist and hydrologist) to take the course, but most participants are forecasters in their second and third years of NWS service. NWS forecasters should use the NWS Learning Center to complete the WOC course materials.

For more information on each of the WOC Tracks and related topics, please use the following links:

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WOC Flash Flood Track: Course Info

WOC Winter Track: Course Description

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