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WDTD is located in Norman, Oklahoma. See the Contact page for addresses and phone numbers.

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Warning Decision Training Division

Office of Chief Learning Officer

About the Warning Decision Training Division


Our Mission

The Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD) develops and delivers training on the integrated elements of the hazardous weather warning process within a National Weather Service (NWS) forecast office. Training activities provide basic and advanced WSR-88D operator proficiency within the integrated data environment, including warning methodology and situation awareness. Our goal is to increase expertise among NWS personnel in order to better serve the public in hazardous weather warning situations.

Our Staff

Administrative Staff:

  • Division Chief: Ed Mahoney
  • Program Analyst: Kelly Thomason
  • Team Lead/Meteorologist Instructor: Brad Grant
  • Team Lead/Meteorologist Instructor: James LaDue

Federal Meteorologist Instructors:

  • Justin Gibbs
  • Michael Magsig
  • Barb Mayes Boustead
  • Robert Prentice

Cooperative Institute (OU/CIMMS) Affiliates:

  • Alyssa Bates
  • Sarah Borg
  • Katy Christian
  • Dave Creveling
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Kevin Grempler
  • Jill Hardy
  • Eric Jacobsen
  • Melissa Lamkin
  • Dale Morris
  • Chris Spannagle
  • Stas Speransky
  • Ali Virani
  • Hannah Wells
  • Andy Wood
  • Brad Workman

Other Affiliates:

  • Beau Lewis
  • Mark McAvoy