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WES 9.14 Software Now Available!

WES 9.14 is the latest version of NOAA's NWS Weather Event Simulator developed and distributed by WDTD / CIMMS on February 7th, 2014. Although WES 9.14 is a standalone install DVD (requires no previous versions of WES), NOAA users should install WES 9.14 on the same machine where WES was previously installed. To get your own copy of WES 9.14, please follow these request instructions.

WES 9.14 Training - Now Available!

A short overview of WES 9.14 entitled "WES 9.14 Overview Training" is currently posted in the Learning Management System (LMS) for NOAA users. To view, simply log into the LMS and search for WES 9.14. Access to this training module will be provided to Non-NOAA users in the WES 9.14 download instructions.

What's new in WES 9.14?

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