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In support of the RDA/RPG Build 22 Beta Test, WDTD has released the Beta Test version of training for Build 22.

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RDA/RPG Build 18.0 Training



The Warning Decision Training Division has developed operator training to support the Radar Data Acquisition Unit/Radar Product Generator (RDA/RPG) Build 18.0 deployment. This build has multiple features that support operations, including:

  • VCP Changes:
    • New Precip Mode VCP 215
    • New Clear-Air Mode VCP 35
    • Removing VCP 11, 21, 211, 221
  • RPG Changes
    • HCA tuning to better identify:
      Wet snow or graupel in the melting layer
      Biota and clutter in the cold season
    • New data windowing technique for better quality base data
  • Algorithm Updates
    • Tornado Rapid Update and Mesocyclone detection now use SAILS cuts
  • Expanded set of PRFs
  • Simplification of Z-R relationship naming in HCI

The operator training for RDA/RPG Build 18.0 includes an on-line Articulate module and a document.


To view the on-line presentation, use the links below. You have the option of launching the presentation directly from our web site or from the Commerce Learning Center (CLC). NOTE: NWS employees should complete the training in the CLC to ensure they receive completion credit for the lesson.

Launch Web Version | LMS Version


WDTD has created a training document for the RDA/RPG Build 18.0 Deployment. If you want a hard copy, please download the PDF file and print the document locally.


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational changes with the RDA/RPG Build 18.0 Training. Please send us your comments at: Thanks!