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In support of the RDA/RPG Build 22 Beta Test, WDTD has released the Beta Test version of training for Build 22.

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RDA/RPG Build 18.2 Training



The Warning Decision Training Division has developed operator training to support the Radar Data Acquisition Unit/Radar Product Generator (RDA/RPG) Build 18.2 deployment. This build has multiple features that support operations, including:

  • Introduction of Mid-Volume Rescan of Low-Level Elevations (MRLE)
    • Adds 2-4 supplemental low-level scans to each volume scan
  • Changes to CMD reducing residual clutter
    • Improvements to dual pol products
  • Sites gaining supplemental below 0.5-degree elevation angles
  • Software security updates

The operator training for RDA/RPG Build 18.2 deployment consists of an on-line Articulate module.


To view the on-line presentation, use the link below. NOTE: We don't currently have a version of the training in the Commerce Learning Center (CLC). Once a CLC version is available, we will add a link to that presentation here.

Launch Web Version | Launch CLC Version


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational changes with the RDA/RPG Build 18.2 Training. Please send us your comments at: Thanks!