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The current WES-2 Bridge release is 17.3.1 for RedHat 7. A 19.x build to support Hazard Services is under development.
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Initial Hardware

Weather Forecast Offices, River Forecast Offices, and National Centers were provided with an HP Z-600 which was intended for use as a WES-2 Bridge workstation.

Modification Kit

WDTD will provide each WFO, RFC, and National Center with a WES-2 Bridge modification kit which includes:

  • 24 GB Memory
  • Two 1.5 TB Hard Disk Drives
  • 1 Blu-Ray Optical Drive
  • Mounting Brackets and Cables

2015 Refresh

The AWIPS program is refreshing the WES-2 Bridge hardware at WFOs in two phases. In the first phase, each WFO will have received an HP Z-620 worksation by early November. In the second phase, they will receive wide-screen monitors. RFC and NCEP sites will use their existing HP Z-600 workstation for WES-2 Bridge.

Specifications for Non-NWS Users

The WES-2 Bridge software manages parts of both the server and client processes of AWIPS-2. The hardware must be capable of running both AWIPS-2 CAVE, AWIPS-2 EDEX, and the WES-2 Bridge software. In addition, WES-2 Bridge actually manages several instances of AWIPS-2 EDEX, which substantially increases the memory requirements.

These specifications are minimum requirements:

  • CPU: 2.4 GHz or greater speed with at least 8 processing cores
  • System (OS) disk: 256 GB Solid-state device (SSD)
  • Data Disks: at least 3 TB
  • Memory: at least 32 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: capable of running AWIPS-2 CAVE (nVidia Quadro 4 GB cards are known to work; this is not a specific recommendation)