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Our Mission

The Warning Decision Training Division (WDTD) develops and delivers training on the integrated elements of the warning process involving a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/National Weather Service (NWS) forecast office and its partners. WDTD instructors develop and deliver a variety of in-residence, teletraining, and on-line asynchronous training content to meet this mission. Our primary goal is to increase expertise among NOAA/NWS personnel and their core partners so that they can better serve the public during warning operations.

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Warning Decision Training Division

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Radar & Applications Course

Base Reflectivity image of a supercell thunderstorm

The Radar & Applications Course (RAC) covers radar theory, operations of the radar, and the integration of current meteorological techniques with dual-polarization radar capabilities.

Warning Operations Course

Course logos for the four Warning Operations Course tracks

The Warning Operations Course provides training on advanced warning decision making (WDM) principles over a variety of topics.

Seasonal Readiness Training

Seasonal Readiness is a concept analogous to spring training in baseball: train as you play. WDTD provides several tools to support local offices integrate a variety training into their seasonal training plans.

Multi-Radar\Multi-Sensor Training

MRMS represents a whole new way to use key inputs into warning and forecast decision-making for public, hydrological and aviation service sectors of the NWS and its core partners.

RDA/RPG Build Training

WDTD has delivered training on the WSR-88D Radar Product Generator (RPG) and Radar Data Acquisition Unit (RDA) since the system was initially fielded.

AWIPS Training

WDTD develops training on new warning decision-making related functionality (and updates to existing functionality) for AWIPS-II.

Storm of the Month

The Warning Decision Storm of the Month webinars are short presentations that focus on a single event or topic. The purpose of these informal webinars is to provide National Weather Service forecasters a means to share lessons learned and best practices on warning operations.