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In support of the RDA/RPG Build 22 Beta Test, WDTD has released the Beta Test version of training for Build 22.

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RDA/RPG Build 14.0/RPG Build 14.1 provides the first comprehensive RDA/RPG build since the deployment of the dual-polarization upgrade. It has numerous features:

  • Initial System Differential Phase (ISDP)
  • Radial by Radial (RxR) Noise Estimation
  • Coherency Based Thresholding (CBT)
  • 8-Hour Performance Check Countdown
  • Improved Calibration Information
  • *Supplemental Adaptive Intra-Volume Low-Level Scan (SAILS)
  • Update to the Automated Volume Scan Evaluation and Termination (AVSET) Algorithm
  • *Storm-Based Auto PRF
  • *Auto PRF for SZ-2 VCPs
  • Dual-Pol RPG Algorithm Adjustments

*These RPG changes are particularly dependent on operator understanding and oversight for best performance.

The following training materials are valid ONLY IF BOTH RDA/RPG Build 14.0 and RPG Build 14.1 have been installed.


NWS Staff

This version of the course is not currently available in the NWS Learning Center. For the time being, view the web version below until this training content has been added to the LMS.

NWS Partners

NWS Partners can access this training from WDTD directly. You have the option of launching the presentation directly from our web site or downloading a copy for local viewing.

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WDTD has created the RDA/RPG Build 14 Training document (9.0 MB PDF) for this training. If you want a hard copy, you will need to download the PDF file and print the document locally. The student guide is 33 pages in length.

WES Exercise on SAILS Behavior in AWIPS

WDTD has developed a WES exercise that can help NWS forecasters get to know the behavior of the SAILS scan in AWIPS, specifically analyzing base products in the all tilts and four panel environments. The WES case is being shipped on CDs to each office as part of the Build 14.0/Build 14.1 deployment kits (see the ROC's implementation schedule) and is also available for download for those with NWS LDAP access. A quiz will be added to the LMS in the future to allow for tracking progress on this WES exercise.


Here are some references you might find helpful:

1) Performing the ISDP calibration process is most effective when technicians and meteorologists work together to support the best possible dual-pol base data quality. This ISDP Offset/Correction document is written for both audiences with guidance mainly for technicians on page 1, and radar image guidance for the meteorologists on pages 2-4.

2) WFO Wichita (one of the Beta Test sites) had some questions about the behavior of Storm-Based Auto PRF for some developing storms at long range. Joe Chrisman of the ROC had a conference call with the staff and gave them a presentation on how the algorithm works. WFO Wichita and Joe Chrisman have given their permission to share this presentation.

3) Making changes to the QPE multiplier for Dry Snow and Ice Crystals requires local research. The Radar Operations Center has provided details on how to conduct a local QPE assessment. Use the link provided (

4) To learn when your deployment kit will arrive, check the ROC Build14.0/14.1 deployment kit schedule.

5) If you want to download the WES CD iso and burn the CD yourself, you can download the ISO file (requires LDAP password; 400MB ISO). To burn the disk on Windows you can right click on file and select burn disk image. See the README.pdf on the CD for how to install and run through the job sheet. The WDTD has created a job sheet as a PDF and Word document (with the latter allowing you to tailor the instructions to your local WES).

6) Once you become familiar with SAILS you may wish to view SAILS data in GR2Analyst. The WDTD has created a short tutorial on how to view SAILS data (2.8 MB PDF; updated on June 17th, 2014) in GR2Analyst.


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational changes with the RDA/RPG Build 14.0 Training. Please send us your comments at: Thanks!