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Climate Services Professional Development Series

PCU 5: Apply Climate Information to Decision Support, Partnership, and Communication Producer: Barb Mayes Boustead, NWS/OCLO/Warning Decision Training Division Training need: Climate information is being integrated into NWS field office impact-based decision support services. Additionally, many incoming calls to NWS field offices pertain to climate services requests. NWS field staff must be trained to handle these requests and conduct decision support, outreach, and partnership activities.

Training objective: NWS field staff must integrate knowledge, skills, and abilities obtained in PCUs 1 through 4 and 6 to respond to users in a concise and timely manner. Field staff must also inform partners and citizens on the availability and use of NOAA climate products and services.

Specific Job Task Skills and Knowledge:

  1. Respond effectively to climate requests from customers (e.g., HDD/CDD, Drought Indices, Normals, CMI, local data).
  2. Convey climate information to the public via decision support and outreach activities.
  3. Interpret climate products and information in response to partner and public requests and needs.
  4. Identify core and deep core partners and opportunities for providing climate services to support their requirements.

PCU 5 Instructional Components:
Please note, updated modules for each instructional component are in development.
Links will be added as they become available.
Instructional Component 5.1: Responding to User Requests for Weather and Climate Data

Instructional Component 5.2: Conducting Climate Outreach to Partners and Customers

  • Climate Services Partnerships
  • Local Customer Outreach and Climate Services
  • Training Module (Web Version | LMS Version)

Instructional Component 5.3: Provide Climate-related Decision Support to Partners

  • Use of NWS Climate Information for Arctic Maritime Transportation Decision Support
  • Training Module (Web Version)
  • Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Impact-Based Decision Support Services (S2SIDSS) Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
  • Applying CPC Products to S2SIDSS (Coming Soon)
Instructional Components 5.4: Communicating Climate Information