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WELCOME: This portal is designed to provide access to all NWS training, including course listings, course descriptions, training schedules, and online materials.

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The Office of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) provides professional and technical training to enable NWS employees to reach optimum performance in present assignments and future responsibilities. The Office goals are to teach job-specific, communication, leadership and practical skills for all employees; teach latest scientific and technical concepts to support research to operations; emulate the NWS working field environment in an educational setting; and provide students the ability to work and experiment with concepts or equipment off-line as part of learning.

All Residence Courses are cancelled through May 15

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  • All Residence Courses are cancelled through May 15. We do not yet know whether / when any courses may be rescheduled but we are working to figure that out in addition to exploring potential distance learning options. For any questions related to residence courses, please reach out to OCLO Webmaster.  

    Every two weeks we will reevaluate the schedule for the next 6-8 weeks. We will post updated information here and will update the class schedule on the Training Portal. (03/30/20)

  • COMET has published Using Merged Satellite Precipitation (CMORPH and IMERG) Guidance. This lesson explores the capabilities of merged satellite precipitation guidance through two atmospheric river events in different locations within the United States. To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. (03/11/20)

  • COMET has published The Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise: Enhancing Science, Service and Partnerships for a Weather-Ready Nation. In the series of short videos within this lesson, a panel of prominent experts answer several questions that address the roles of the different sectors, how they interact, and how the Weather Enterprise might evolve in the future. At the end of this lesson, scenarios are presented that explore some of the many ways NWS forecasters interact with Core Partners, as well as with members of the Weather and Climate Industry. To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. (01/02/20)

  • New from COMET is Microwave Remote Sensing: Applications for Water Vapor, Clouds and Precipitation. This lesson introduces microwave products available from JPSS and other polar and low Earth orbiting satellites for depicting clouds, atmospheric moisture and precipitation through the use of passive microwave sensing instruments. Through an exploration of two separate case exercises, one focused on a hurricane and another on an atmospheric river event, learners will be presented with total precipitable water (TPW), cloud liquid water (CLW), and rain rate products and imagery to interpret and analyze. To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. (12/09/19)

  • COMET has published NBM v3.2 New Weather Elements. This lesson describes new and improved weather elements for aviation, precipitation, fire weather, marine, and tropical in version 3.2 of the National Blend of Models. To access this lesson in the Commerce Learning Center, click here. (12/04/19)

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