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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are NWS courses available to the public?
Answer: Yes and no. Most online distance learning tutorials are now accessed through the NWS Learning Center and most residences courses are not available to the public. There are exceptions, so see the information contained in the course description.

Question: How do I train for a job in the National Weather Service?
Answer: NWS training courses are not designed for the public to become trained for a career in the National Weather Service, rather they are intended to enhance the skills of current personnel. Most NWS positions have varied minimum education and experience requirements that are to be meet before a candidate is hired. Job listings and requirements are found on the USAJOBS website. Additional information about careers with the National Weather Service can be found on the NWS Careers page.

Question: How do I access the NWS Learning Center?
Answer: The NWS Learning Center is accessed here. This will bring you to the Learning Center's login page. We also have links throughout the Training Portal.

Question: How do I register for a VISIT Teletraining session?
Answer: Send an email to specifying the following:
  • Your NWS office (site ID)
  • Training session title
  • The session date
  • Contact person's phone number

Question: Is there a way I can receive word whenever there's a new training-related news item or announcement?
Answer: Yes, click the orange "XML" link at the top of the Training Portal's main page to sign up for our RSS feed.

Question: What do the different colors indicate on the Training Events Planning Calendar?
Answer: Events on this calendar are color-coded based on the general topic area the training item falls under. From the calendar page, click the small down arrow in the upper-right of the calendar (just to the right of the print icon) to see the legend.