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Climate Services Professional Development Series

PCU 4: Use NOAA Climate Products and Tools in Local Climate Services Producer: Andrea Bair, NWS Western Region Headquarters and Jenna Meyers, AFS Climate Services Training need: NWS staff use available NOAA climate products and tools, add local context, and communicate the information to local partners, stakeholders, and users.

Training objective: NWS staff must extend their knowledge of NOAA climate products, tools, and services in order to provide locally-tailored products, services, and studies.

Specific Job Task Skills and Knowledge:

  1. Link current weather conditions with ongoing climate variability events
  2. Deliver Local 3 Month Temperature Outlook and other NOAA climate forecast products at local level
  3. Become an expert in local impacts of climate variability and change
  4. Add local value to areas with low seasonal outlook skill

PCU 4 Instructional Components:
Please note, updated modules for each instructional component are in development.
Links will be added as they become available.
Instructional Component 4.1: Local Climatology (Residence Training on Climate Variability)
  • xmACIS
  • Training Module (Web Version | LMS Version)
  • Local Climate Normals and Methods of Their Computation
  • NCEI Tools for Local Climatology Products
Instructional Component 4.2: Local Climate Studies Instructional Components 4.3: Linking Weather and Climate Events
  • Communicating Subseasonal to Seasonal Impacts: Climate-Weather Interactions
  • Training Module (MetEd Version | LMS Version)
  • Process for Linking Current Weather Conditions with Ongoing Climate Variability Events
  • Adding local value to areas with low seasonal outlook skill- under development with CPC experts