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Tropical Professional Development Series (PDS)


Executive Producer - Joel Cline (AFSO / Marine, Tropical, and Tsunami Services Branch)

PDS Statement of Responsibility: Provide pertinent tropical weather forecast and warning services to make timely and effective decisions to protect life and property in support of the nation's economic well-being.

Tropical PDS Description

Tropical PDS Priorities

See below for links to each of the five Professional Competency Units (PCU). Specific instructional components, with associated abilities and job skills, are available from these PCU pages.

PCU 1: Fundamentals of Tropical Weather and Tropical Forecast Operations
PCU 2: Forecasting Tropical Cyclones, Assessing the Threat of Associated Hazards, and Recognizing Potential Impacts
PCU 3: Forecasting Extra-Tropical Transition and Potential Impacts
PCU 4: Effectively Communicate the Potential Impacts from Tropical Cyclones
PCU 5: NWS Tropical Cyclone Operations

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