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The Forecast Decision Training Division (FDTD) of the NWS Office of the Chief Learning Officer develops and delivers training on the integrated elements of the forecast and warning process within NWS forecast offices, national centers, CWSUs and river forecast centers. FDTD instructors develop and deliver a variety of on-line asynchronous training, virtual courses, teletraining, and simulations to meet this mission. The staff works closely with COMET, VISIT, NESDIS, and NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory. FDTD coordinates all NOAA line office activity with the COMET and VISIT programs. FDTD’s goal is to enhance the performance of NWS personnel so they can better serve key decision makers and the public during forecast and warning operations.

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Forecast Decision Training Division

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Forecast Decision Training Division (FDTD)

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Satellite Applications

FDTD Satellite Applications Webinars are being conducted on a regular basis. An archive of recorded webinar sessions held to this point is available. These recorded sessions are also available within the Commerce Learning Center (CLC), both individually as well as within a set of curricula organized by application topic.

New Satellite Book Club Recorded Seminars also continue to be added to the CLC.

The Satellite Foundational Course for JPSS (SatFC-J) and Satellite Foundational Course for GOES-R (SatFC-G) curriculua remain available within the CLC as well.

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*To receive credit, NWS employees must take training
through the Commerce Learning Center (CLC).*

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