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WES-2 Bridge News

WDTD has released WES-2 Bridge version 16.2.2. All WFOs will need to uprade to this build to support GOES-R and many other recent AWIPS upgrades. We are working on a new build to include GFE functionality.
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The WES-2 Bridge is the AWIPS-2 version of the Weather Event Simulator. It allows AWIPS-2 to work with archived data sets to conduct case reviews and displaced real-time simulations.


Current Status


WES-2 Bridge has been upgraded to Version 16.2.2, compatible with AWIPS Build 16.2.2. WES-2 Bridge has been installed at the majority of NWS Field Offices, and WDTD continues to provide support to each office. Including numerous improvements, build 16.2.2 supports the FY17 Radar and Applications Course (RAC), and the Satellite Foundational Course for GOES-R.

Build 16.2.2 is backwards compatible for Processed data archived from Build 14.3.1 to the present. For addtional information about this build, please see our release notes.

WDTD is currently working on another upgrade for WES-2 Bridge, which will include Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE) functionality in WES-2 Bridge. We are also begininng some support of non-NWS users.


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If you are at a NWS office, you can subscribe to the WES listserv. Simply subscribe at


Known Issues

Note: A more complete list of issues is located on our Support Page.

Connectivity Preferences Window

When users first log into the WES-2 Bridge workstation, a connectivity preferences window often appears. This is actually an AWIPS-2 issue and not a WES-2 Bridge issue. When AWIPS-2 is installed, AlertViz tries to connect to an EDEX server (either the default server or the last one the user connected to). If the server isn't running, then this window appears. The best option is to ignore this GUI and close it out. Some sites have included starting EDEX_00 in their system startup scripts, but if for some reason EDEX_00 can't start (which can be caused by numerous issues), the workstation likely will not start properly. In addition, since the GUI remembers the last EDEX server the user connected to, simply starting only EDEX_00 may not be good enough to completely prevent this window from appearing.

Using Lightning Data in Build 14.3.1

After upgrading to Build 14.3.1, there is no longer a need to reprocess binlightning data. The other point data (such as obs/metar, bufrua, sfcobs/buoys, and other point data types still must be reprocessed, as shown below in "Database Format Change" and as documented in our guide to Reprocessing Point Data ("Future" Datasets).

We have discovered an issue if binlightning data must be reprocessed because only raw binlightning data was archived and the processed data was omitted. If this is your situation, please contact us at WDTD and we will attempt to process this data for you in a later AWIPS build. The 14.3.1 build will not decode raw binlightning data correctly.

Database Format Change

In AWIPS Build 14.4.1, the database structure changed which results in an compatibility between WES-2 Bridge and some data archived since Build 14.4.1. Particular datatypes affected include: acars, airep, bufrua (soundings), fssobs, goessounding, ldadmesonet, ldadhydro, lsr, modelsounding, obs (metars), pirep, poessounding, profiler, sfcobs (maritime), among others. Raw data can be reprocessed to make this data viewable in WES-2 Bridge's CAVE. WFOs can contact WDTD for more information and assistance with this process.

Desktop Icons and Menus


The first version of WES-2 Bridge did not include any desktop icons or menus. We have observed certain unusual behavior with WES-2 Bridge if it is launched with an icon. This behavior includes the inability to start or stop EDEX instances or to load or unload cases. Build 14.3.1 includes system menus to launch WES-2 Bridge software and related utilities. We discourage the use of your own desktop icons with WES-2 Bridge because your icons may not include settings required for some of the background processes to correctly launch.

Using Localizations

Part of the customization process of WES-2 Bridge involves transferring localization files from the operational AWIPS to the WES-2 Bridge workstation. Several offices have transferred the entire localization include BASE files from the operational AWIPS to WES-2 Bridge; numerous AWIPS-related issues have resulted including the inability to process certain data types and issues with WarnGen. We recommend only transferring configured, site, and user directories from the operational AWIPS to WES-2 Bridge.


Using Impact-Based Warning Templates with the FY16 AWOC Severe Simulation

When the FY16 AWOC Severe simulation shipped, it included legacy Warngen templates. However, it is easy to apply the IBW templates after you have installed the 14.3.1 WES-2 Bridge and the 14.3.1 WES-2 Bridge Test Case. We have a set of simple instructions on using these templates with this simulation.