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RDA/RPG Build 17.0 Training Is Now Available

In support of the RDA/RPG Build 17 Deployment, WDTD has released the deployment version of training for Build 17.

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RPG/RDA Build Training

WDTD has delivered training on the WSR-88D Radar Product Generator (RPG) and Radar Data Acquisition Unit (RDA) since the system was initially fielded. The courses below present the new functionality, system changes, and their impacts to users for each build release.

Training Access

The links on the left access the course information pages for each build release. You can access an outline of the significant build changes by moving your mouse over each of these course info page links.

The links on the right are for the various training content that is available. NOTE: The streaming lessons and documents for a particular build release will contain similar information. We recommend you pick the format you prefer to find the information you are looking for in that particular training lesson.

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ORDA Build 7.0:


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Release: RDA/RPG Build 17.0
Deployed: Summer 2016

  1. - RDA Hardware Upgrade:
  2. - Product Changes:
  3. - Adaptable Parameter Changes:
  4. - H and V dBZ0 on RPG Control/Status Window
  5. - RMRs can be used to request SAILS products

Release: RDA/RPG Build 16.1
Deployed: Spring 2016

  1. - Multiple Elevation Scan Option (MESO) SAILS
  2. - Dual Pol Raw Correlation Coefficient Product (SDC)

Release: RDA/RPG Build 16.0
Deployed: Summer 2015

  1. - Supplemental Adaptive Intra-Volume Low-Level Scan (SAILS) updates:
  2. - Last elevation on RPG HCI main page
  3. - For Dual Pol Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE):
  4. - ZDR bias estimator based on Bragg scatter
  5. - Automated Microburst Detection Algorithm
  6. - RPG GUI changes for sites with wideband backup service

Release: RDA/RPG Build 15.0
Deployed: Fall 2014

  1. - Dual-Pol Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) updates
  2. - RPG estimated Initial System Differential Phrase (ISDP) process

Release: RDA/RPG Build 14.0
Deployed: Spring 2014

  1. - Initial System Differential Phase (IDSP)
  2. - Radial by Radial (RxR) Noise Estimation
  3. - Coherency Based Thresholding (CBT)
  4. - 8 Hour Performance Check Countdown
  5. - Supplemental Adaptive Intra-Volume Low-Level Scan (SAILS)
  6. - Update to the Automated Volume Scan Evaluation and Termination (AVSET) Algorithm
  7. - Storm-Based Auto PRF
  8. - Auto PRF for SZ-2 VCPs
  9. - 2D-Velocity Dealiasing Algorithm Adjustments
  10. - Dual-Pol RPG Algorithm Adjustments

Release: RDA/RPG Build 13.1
Deployed: Winter 2013

  1. - Adjustments to the RPG dual-polarization algorithms
  2. - The Two Dimensional Velocity Dealiasing Algorithm (2D-VDA)

Release: RDA/RPG Build 13.0
Deployed: Summer 2012

  1. - Adjustments to dual-polarization RPG algorithms
  2. - Clutter Mitigation Decision (CMD) & Automated Volume Scan Evaluation and Termination (AVSET) algorithms will be unavailable (unless your radar has been upgraded to dual-pol)
  3. - Enhanced VAD Wind Profile
  4. - New technique for computing Spectrum Width

Release: RPG Build 12.3
Deployed: Fall 2011

  1. - New RPG status messages
  2. - Automated Volume Scan Evaluation and Termination (AVSET)

Release: RPG Build 12.0
Deployed: Fall 2010

  1. - Changes to RPG windows to support dual-polarization upgrade
  2. - Legacy Mesocyclone algorithm and products removed
  3. - MDA to ingest Super Resolution base data
  4. - 8-bit Spectrum Width products available for all elevations

Release: ORDA Build 7.0
Deployed: Fall 2005

  1. - Improvements in calibration
  2. - Improved sensitivity in long pulse (VCP 31)
  3. - New clutter suppression technique: Gaussian Model Adaptive Processing (GMAP)
  4. - Differences in Batch elevation Reflectivity data
  5. - Improvements to the quality of Spectrum Width estimates
  6. - Differences in elevation angle settling
  7. - End of first trip Velocity less noisy with ORDA
  8. - Differences in types of RDA alarms
  9. - Differences in RDA Performance Data menus
  10. - False Alarms at AWIPS

Release: RDA/RPG Build 8.0
Deployed: Spring 2006

  1. - Mode Selection Function (MSF)
  2. - New design for filtering RPG Status Messages
  3. - Storm Cell Identification and Tracking (SCIT) Reflectivity data filter
  4. - MDA updates and fixes
  5. - PPS updates and fixes
  6. - Fix to allow VMI change while in VCP 121
  7. - RPG/Users communication changes
  8. - RPG System Status Log product

Release: RDA/RPG Build 9.0
Deployed: Summer 2007

  1. - RPG hardware refresh
  2. - RPG Human Computer Interface (HCI) window changes
  3. - RPG impacts of increase in clutter filter elevation segments at the RDA
  4. - Using the SZ-2 Volume Coverage Patterns (VCP)s
  5. - RPG ingest of environmental data from AWIPS
  6. - Changes to Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm (MDA)
  7. - Snow Accumulation Algorithm (SAA) adaptable parameter changes
  8. - Machine Intelligent Gust Front Algorithm (MIGFA)

Release: RDA/RPG Build 10.0
Deployed: Spring 2008

  1. - Super Resolution base data and products
  2. - Recombination algorithm
  3. - Numerous RPG HCI changes
  4. - Enhanced version of VCP 121
  5. - Bias Value Source added to PPS products
  6. - Threshold number of gage radar pairs URC editable

Release: RDA/RPG Build 11.0
Deployed: Spring 2009

  1. - Clutter Mitigation Decision (CMD) algorithm
  2. - Improvements to the Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm (MDA)
  3. - Removal of rarely used products
  4. - VAD slant range parameter reset to default value of 30 km