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Radar & Applications Course News

The FY18 offering of RAC will start in late September, and students should received their course materials sometime around October 1st. Registration for Radar and Applications Course webinars will start the week of Sept. 25th. Check this page occasionally for updates.

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The Radar & Applications Course (RAC) FY18


News and Notes

Enrollment is now closed for the FY18 version of the course. RAC FY18 runs from late September 2017 through early March 2018.

Course Description

The Radar & Applications Course provides initial training on the use of the WSR-88D Radar. The primary purpose of the RAC is to train NWS forecasters (meteorologists and hydrologists) on the use of the radar in the forecast and warning decision making process. The course covers Doppler radar theory, technological aspects of the WSR-88D as it is used in AWIPS, management of the data stream via the Radar Product Generator (RPG), the infusion of science and application of conceptual models, and the development of methodologies for use in an operational setting.

The RAC was initially taught as a 3 1/2 week residence course in Norman, Oklahoma, from 1990 to 1997. The current format is a blended learning approach including on-line modules, instructor-led webinars, and a 1-week workshop delivered at its conclusion in Norman. The course is very comprehensive and involves around 116 hours of material over the span of about 6 months. At present the course is taught once a year with the current offering beginning in the Fall of 2017 and ending in Spring 2018.

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