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NWS Hydrology Professional Development Series (PDS)

Executive Producer - John Bradley (AFS25)

There are three NWS Professional Development Series (PDS) in the area of Hydrology. See below for descriptions of each PDS. Professional Competancy Units (PCU) for each PDS are available from the PDS pages linked below.

PDS 1 : Provide Hydrologic Services

Provide hydrologic and hydrometeorological services, data and information, and river flow/stage forecasts and flood/flash flood warnings to support the decision-making process of internal and external hydrologic customers. Partners and users depend on these products to make decisions related to navigation, water management, floodplain management, ecosystem management, recreation, etc. Those partners and users include federal, state, tribal, and local agencies, private entities, and the general public.

PDS 2 : Develop, Implement, and Maintain Models and Tools

Both RFCs and WFOs are dependent upon effective and well maintained hydrologic and hydraulic models and tools to support operational services.

PDS 3 : Manage a Hydrology Program

In support of hydrologic forecast and warning operations, managing the WFO hydrology program ensures the integrity and relevancy of NWS hydrologic services for partners and users. The Hydrology Program Manager (HPM) provides WFO hydrologic leadership, expertise and outreach for flooding, drought, water supply and other local hydrologic issues. Duties are to build and maintain situational awareness and coordination between RFCs and partner agencies as well as maintain the local data program, conduct field work, and configure software. Responsibilities also include training staff to support delivery of NWS hydrologic information during normal and backup operations in addition to gathering and analyzing post event information to improve services.