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Why is Quality Control Important?
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Course Objective

This module provides a background on quality control and quality assurance concepts and application to NWS operations.

Why is Quality Control Important?

The National Weather Service (NWS) cannot operate without an effective quality control program at both the local and national level.  Good, high quality data are the foundation upon which the NWS mission relies.  Without reliable data and observations, the NWS cannot issue accurate watches, warnings, and forecasts and the overall quality of NWS products and services deteriorates.  With the rapid exchange of data over computer-run communication systems, it is easy for bad data to enter the system at some point and contaminate the entire network within minutes, with no human intervention.  It is critical to review data entering the communications system to ensure its reliability.

Module Segments

The segments shown below are all web based.  Click the link to access each segment.  Review the segment material and answer any review questions provided.

Module Certification

To receive credit for completion of this module, you must pass a final exam.  Click on the "FINAL EXAM" link below and complete the questions then print a certificate to submit to the SOO.


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Updated 08/06/2007