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Welcome to the Community Hydrologic Prediction System (CHPS) Training Page



Need a quick look at CHPS courses? Check out the Quick Links section in each course for pdfs of the materials.

Recommendation: Complete the system-based courses next to a workstation where the system in question is available. Be sure to use a Stand Alone instance if possible.


This unit consists of the courses listed in the table below. Instructions for securing credits for each course appear in the Instructions page of the course materials.

Course Title
Course Description
Introduction to CHPS

An introduction to CHPS covering the fundamentals of software, hardware, and file structure. This course is a prerequisite for the rest of the NWSTC CHPS training.


Instruction for RFC hydrologists on how to use CHPS to produce hydrologic forecasts.


Instruction for WFO staff on how to use CHPS to produce input to RFC hydrologic forecasts.

Calibration User

New! Learn how to use the CHPS calibration function to improve hydrologic model performance.

Graphics Generator Template/Product Configuration

Detailed instruction on building and editing Graphics Generator templates to produce customized hydrologic charts and output files.

CHPS Basic Configuration

Updated! Basic CHPS configuration concepts and information. This course is a prerequisite for the CHPS Simulation and System Manager training.

CHPS Display Configuration

Configure displays within CHPS.

CHPS Simulation Configuration Configure CHPS to develop simulation-based training.
CHPS Advanced Configuration

Modify CHPS configuration files to add functionality and improve performance.

CHPS System Manager

Instruction and job sheets for system management tasks associated with CHPS.