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FAQ: General WES

The WES provides case playback and simulation capabilities from archived AWIPS data. WES contains two major pieces: the Linux version of AWIPS and software developed by CIMMS/ WDTD. WES is effectively a data pump and a training interface for AWIPS.

CIMMS is the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

  • How do I get a copy? [top]

NWS customers automatically receive installation DVDs.

Other interested NWS collaborators should contact Michael Magsig at to request a copy. We are required to track WES distribution and these e-mail requests help us complete this task. We will also use your e-mail to notify you of changes to WES.

  • Is WES available for nongovernmental use? [top]
WES-1 distribution is currently being scaled back to only NWS collaborators in preparation for the upcoming release of WES-2 Bridge sometime in 2014. Through the NWS transition to AWIPS-2 and WES-2 Bridge, new distribution methods for the software are being explored. Please check this web site for future updates on obtaining WES-2 Bridge.
  • What platform and OS does the WES run under? [top]

The WES can run on many distributions of Linux (RHE4, RHE5, Redhat9.0, etc.), though the official testing is done on machines closest to the AWIPS baseline in each build. For AWIPS OB9.2 (WES9.2) and later builds, the Linux distribution is Redhat Enterprise 5. Prior to WES9.2, it was Redhat Enterprise Linux 4. See requirements in chapter 2 of the installation instructions for more detail. If there are problems with the other Linux distributions, we will include that information on this FAQ.

  • How do I install WES? [top]

It's pretty easy. Follow the Install Instructions provided with the WES DVD. If you do not have a copy, refer to the Quick Reference menus on the WES homepage to search by WES version.

Additional Helpful Information:

  • Where do I go for the latest info on past present and future AWIPS builds? [top]

To view the WDTD AWIPS info page, follow this link: WDTD AWIPS info.

  • How do I receive WES support? [top]

WES support is handled through the WES info list. Please go follow these instructions to sign up for the WES info list.


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