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Configuring Local Flash Content to Communicate with Other Files & the Internet

When running Flash applications from a local drive or device (i.e., DVDs, CDs, etc.), Flash Player security (on versions 8 and later) restricts network communication for certain content stored on your local computer. This security measure protects you, unless the user gives permission to override the settings. It is recommended that you only override the settings for specific directories and/or devices that you trust are safe.

In these cases, you will need to alter the settings in the Flash Player Security dialog box (Figure 1). This dialog box will appear whenever you start a Flash movie on a local drive or device that is not "trusted". To change the settings for content you know is safe, following these steps:

  1. Click the Settings button (Figure 1) to go to the Global Security Panel of the Settings Manager.
    Flash Security dialog box
    Figure 1. The local File Security warning dialog box.

  2. Click Edit Locations (Figure 2) to access the pop-up menu, the select Add Location. A dialog box opens so you can add your content to the list of trusted files and directories.
    Global Security Settings Manager dialog box
    Figure 2. The Global Security Settings panel of the Settings Manager

  3. To add the file or directory on your local computer, enter the location of the content in the "Trust this location" box. If there is a file listed in the "Tip" box, you can copy and paste that location into the text box and click "Confirm". You can also click the "Browse for files" or "Browse for folder" buttons to navigate to the file or folder you want and click "Confirm" to accept the location. NOTE: Trusting a directory also trusts its subdirectories and any content within.
    Trust this location dialog box
    Figure 3. The "Trust this location" dialog box with an example of a
    location showing up in the "Tip" box.

  4. Once you have added the files and folders necessary, refresh the content in your browser window, or restart your application, to have the new settings take effect.
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