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Warning Decision Training Division
Professional Development Series

Severe Convection Forecasting and Warnings

PCU 7: Composing and Disseminating the Convective Warning Products

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Specific Job Task Skills and Knowledge:

Task 7.1: Utilize WarnGen to accurately define warning areas. See Instructional Component 7.1 for more relevant material.

Task 7.2: Use effective wording of warnings and conduct proper dissemination process to user community.

Task 7.3: Determine the evolution of convective storm threat and use observations to issue Severe Weather Statements (SVS), Local Storm Reports (LSR), and Short Term Forecasts (NOW) frequently to update severe weather event-driven prodcuts (SVR, TOR, FFW).

Instructional Components:

IC 7.1: Review relevant modules and/or documents on storm-based warnings, the AWIPS WarnGen tool, and communications in regards to severe weather warnings.

IC 7.2: Review national and regional NWS directives regarding the issuance of severe weather products.

National Directives

NWS Directive 10-511: WFO Severe Weather Products Specification

NWS Directive 10-517: Multi-Purpose Weather Products Specification

NWS Directive 10-17: Dissemination

NWS Directive 10-922: WFO Hydrologic Products Specification

NWS Directive 10-923: WFO Hydrologic Product Examples

Regional Directives

Alaska Region (AR) Directives:

Central Region (CR) Directives:

Eastern Region (ER) Directives:

Pacific Region (PR) Directives:

Southern Region (SR) Directives:

Western Region (WR) Directives:

IC 7.3: Use the Weather Event Simulator (WES) displaced real-time (DRT) simulation mode to practice issuing warnings and other relevant products using WarnGen and to assess proficiency in issuing warnings.

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