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Warning Decision Training Division
Professional Development Series

Severe Convection Forecasting and Warnings

PCU 4: Analyzing and Assessing the Mesoscale Environment

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Specific Job Task Skills and Knowledge:

Task 4.1: Determine buoyancy and shear-related characteristics of the mesoscale environment for the purpose of anticipating potential convective storm types through the use of upper-air observations and model output (i.e., hodographs and Skew-T diagrams).

Task 4.2: Apply conceptual models of cloud microphysics, convective mesoscale processes, and storm life cycles for the purpose of identifying convective storm types and associated hazardous weather threats in the 0 - 6 hour time frame.

Task 4.3: Using all available in-situ and remote-sensing observational data, numerical model data, and SPC guidance to maintain a high level of situational awareness with respect to the evolution of mesoscale boundaries, buoyancy fields, vertical wind shear profiles, storm movements/interactions, and existing watches, warnings, and advisories.

Task 4.4: Evaluate convective initiation aspects in the forecaster's CWA (i.e., potential timing and location) and collaborate with SPC for appropriate convective watch issuance, if necessary.

Current SPC Day One
Current Watches, Warnings, and Advisories
SPC Day One Convective Outlook
SPC Watch, Warning, and Advisory Display

Instructional Components:

IC 4.1: Review the following courses, as defined by the topics delineated below.

IC 4.2: Utilize the Watch-by-County (WBC) Job Sheet to assist in WBC operations.




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