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Wind Farms, the WSR-88D and Coexistence

Course Description

Wind energy is a high priority solution to meet energy demands independent of fossil fuels. With an emphasis on increasing wind energy from 2% of the nation’s power (today) to 20% over the next two decades there will be a substantial growth in wind farm development. As a result, wind farms being placed in the radar line of sight (RLOS) will increase, generating a need to recognize wind turbine interference.

This course explores the impact of wind farms on WSR-88D radar data. The impacts of the resulting Wind Turbine Clutter (WTC) on radar data quality and warning decision making are presented. There are several WTC examples submitted from various WFOs. Though they are limited, mitigation strategies that currently exist are also presented. The module concludes with a section on the work of the Radar Operations Center (ROC) to build relationships with the Wind Energy Industry. It also informs the NWS community of legal limitations regarding the use of private land, which is where most wind farms are built.

Target Audience

Though designed for NWS decision makers, tri-agency partners and wind energy proponents are welcome to access the training as well. Just follow the instructions for "Partners and Proponents" below to the right.



  1. Characteristics of Wind Turbine Clutter (WTC) on WSR-88D base products,
  2. Examples of RPG algorithm contamination from WTC,
  3. Examples of how WTC can inhibit situation awareness in the warning decision making process,
  4. Mitigation strategies for WTC contamination, and
  5. Services provided by the ROC with respect to WFO and Wind Energy Developer interactions.


This training presentation is available in a streaming format for DoD, FAA, and NWS partners who wish to learn more about this topic. The presentation takes about 40 minutes to complete.

NWS Staff NWS Partners

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You can access this training course from WDTD directly. You have the option of launching the presentation directly from our web site or downloading a copy for local viewing.

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WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the issues wind farms can have on WSR-88D operations. Please send us your comments! Thanks!

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