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WSR-88D Radome

Welcome to the "RAC: Introduction to the Weather Surveillance Radar - 88 Doppler (WSR-88D)" web module.

Note to NWS Staff:

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The WSR-88D system contains several data processing, control, and display components. Some of these units also employ multiple subcomponents. NWS forecasters should have a basic understanding of the WSR-88D system in order to effectively produce the best quality data. This understanding includes knowledge of the components (and subcomponents), their relationship to each other, and the flow of data through the system. This lesson describes the five equipment (or component) groups and their primary subcomponents, as well as some of the user systems that visualize WSR-88D output. These six different groups are the:

This lesson provides a diagram of the WSR-88D system on each page. When the content of that page focuses on a particular element of the system, that portion of the system diagram will be highlighted. Clicking on the system diagram thumbnail image will open a larger version of the image in a lightbox for you to view. Just click on the "close" link to return to lesson content.

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