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Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) Build 3 Training


Welcome to the TDWR Build 3 Training page. This page is designed to support the deployment of TDWR SPG Build 3. The deployment begins in early April 2008 and ends Sept. 30, 2008. The training is presented in 3 separate modules. Part 1 presents the characteristics of the TDWR systems, with an emphasis on how TDWRs differ from WSR-88Ds. Part 2 presents the suite of Base and Derived Products generated by SPG Build 3. For many WFOs, TDWR data will be available for the first time with SPG Build 3. Thus this training will present all of the TDWR products, not just those newly available with SPG Build 3. Part 3 focuses on the use of both WSR-88D and TDWR products for storm interrogation.

Note to NWS Staff:

To receive credit for completing the TDWR/SPG Build 3 Training, you must take the three training modules, the test, and survey through the NWS Learning Center! The links below are for reference only.

Play presentations

The presentations are in streaming format, so no download is required. Depending on your internet connection, there may be some slight delays with slide transitions. An example that's been noted is a few second delay while loading the quiz questions. Please be patient if you have a slower internet connection.

Part 1 - Principles of the TDWR system, including the purpose and design of the TDWR systems, a comparison between the TDWR and WSR-88D characteristics (e.g., wavelength), and the associated data quality impacts as a result of the system differences
Download TDWR SPG Build 3 Part 1 Presentation(6.20 MB ZIP file)

Part 2 - Base and derived products of the SPG, including an explanation of the differences between SPG and RPG versions of products with the same name
Download TDWR SPG Build 3 Part 2 Presentation(5.45 MB ZIP file)

Part 3 - Using both TDWR and WSR-88D products for storm interrogation
Download TDWR SPG Build 3, Part 3 Presentation (29.9 MB ZIP file)


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational impacts of SPG Build 3. Please send us your comments! Thanks!


Reference documents

  1. Terminal Doppler Weather Radar for NWS Operations: Phase 3 Update; M. Istok, A. Stern, R. Saffle, B. Bumgarner, B. Klein, N. Shen, Y. Song, Z. Wang, W. Blanchard

  2. TDWR SPG Algorithm Summary Chart; M. Istok


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