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RDA/RPG Build 9.0 Training

Attention to the staff at the Build 9.0 Beta Test sites, or anyone who has read the Beta Test version of the training, "RDA/RPG Build 9.0 Preview"!

Please see this summary of changes made to the deployment version of the Build 9.0 Training base on the lessons learned during the Beta Test.


Operator training for the deployment of RDA/RPG Build 9.0 is now available! Build 9.0 provides a software update at the RDA and updates to both hardware and software at the RPG.

Download document build9deploy.pdf (9.61 MB)

Additional copies of the “RDA/RPG Build 9.0 Training" document are available for download.

RDA/RPG Build 9.0 Prerequisite

ORDA Build 7.0 Training and ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 Training are prerequisites for RDA/RPG Build 9.0.

Note to NWS Staff:

To receive credit for completing the RDA/RPG Build 9.0 Training, you must take the two training modules, the test, and survey through the NWS Learning Center! The links below are for reference only.

Play presentations

Due to the high volume of operational impacts of Build 9.0, the training presentation is divided into two parts. The presentations are in streaming format, so no download is required. Depending on your internet connection, there may be some slight delays with slide transitions. An example that's been noted is a few second delay while loading the quiz questions. Please be patient if you have a slower internet connection.

Part 1 - Introduction to Build 9.0, a review of important concepts, and the operational impacts of changes at the RDA. In continuous play, Part 1 takes 20 minutes.
Download Part 1 (7.52 MB ZIP file)

Part 2 - Operational impacts of Build 9.0 changes at the RPG. In continuous play, Part 2 takes 35 minutes.
Download Part 2 (20.0 MB ZIP file)

Each of these presentations has embedded quiz questions. Please allow a little extra time to answer the questions.


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational impacts of RDA/RPG Build 9.0. Please send us your comments! Thanks!

Major Training Topics

The operational impacts of RDA/RPG Build 9.0 are:

RDA Build 9.0:

  1. Change to Gaussian Model Adaptive Processing (GMAP) Seed Width Value
  2. Increase in Clutter Filtering Elevation Segments
  3. Sachidananda-Zrnic (SZ)-2 Algorithm
  4. Change to First Displayable Range Bin

RPG Build 9.0:

  1. RPG Refresh
  2. RPG Human Computer Interface (HCI) Window Changes
  3. RPG Impacts of Increase in Clutter Filtering Elevation Segments at the RDA
  4. Using the SZ-2 Volume Coverage Patterns (VCP)s
  5. RPG Ingest of Environmental Data from AWIPS
  6. Changes to Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm (MDA)
  7. Snow Accumulation Algorithm (SAA) Adaptable Parameter Changes
  8. Machine Intelligent Gust Front Algorithm (MIGFA)
  9. Generation of Cross Sections in VCP 121
  10. VCP Change or Download Anytime During a Volume Scan
  11. Fix to 1o Radial on Rain and Snow Products

Reference Documents:

  1. "Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm (MDA) Operational Update"; Radar Operations Center

  2. "Bypass Map Generation Guidance"; Radar Operations Center

  3. "Quick Reference VCP Comparison Table for RPG Operators”; Radar Operations Center

  4. "Optimizing Clutter Filtering in the WSR-88D”; R. Ice, R. Rhoton, D. Saxion, C. Ray, N. Patel, RS Information Systems; D. Warde, A. Free, SI International; O. Boydstun, D. Berkowitz, J. Chrisman, Radar Operations Center; J. Hubbert, C. Kessinger, M. Dixon, National Center for Atmospheric Research; S. Torres, National Severe Storms Laboratory

  5. “A Method to Reduce the Clutter Filter Induced Bias by Improving the Vertical Application of WSR-88D Bypass Maps”; J. Chrisman, Radar Operations Center; C. Ray, RS Information Systems

  6. “New Science for the WSR-88D: Implementing a Major Mode on the SIGMET RVP8”; D. Saxion, R. Rhoton, R. Ice, G. McGehee, RS Information Systems; D. Warde, SI International; O. Boydstun, D. Zittel, Radar Operations Center; S. Torres, National Severe Storms Laboratory; G. Meymaris, National Center for Atmospheric Research

  7. "Concept of Operations for the SZ-2 Range-Folding Mitigation Technique"; D. Zittel, Radar Operations Center

The RDA Build 9.0 Release Notes and RPG Build 9.0 Release Notes are available from the Radar Operation Center's Release Notes page.

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