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ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 Training


Operator training for ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 is now available! Build 8.0 provides updates to both the ORDA and the RPG. The Mode Selection Function (MSF) at the RPG has a significant operational impact and will be discussed in a separate training presentation.

Download document build8deploy.pdf (1.35 MB)

Additional copies of the “ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 Training" document are available for download.

Attention! After the document was printed, a change was made with respect to the deployment scheduling. As of May 2006, sites with ORDA Build 7.0 will upgrade to ORDA/RPG Build 8.0. Sites that do not yet have ORDA will get ORDA Build 8.0 according to the ORDA deployment schedule. These sites will also upgrade to RPG Build 8.0 in coordination with the ORDA install team. There will be a number of sites that will never have ORDA Build 7.0, but there are operational impacts with Build 7.0 that must be understood prior to using ORDA/RPG Build 8.0.

ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 Prerequisite

ORDA Build 7.0 Training is a prerequisite for ORDA/RPG Build 8.0. The Build 8.0 Training is designed with the assumption that you are familiar with the ORDA Build 7.0 impacts.

Note to NWS Staff:

To receive credit for completing the ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 Training, you must take the two training modules through the DoC E-learning LMS! The links below are for reference only.

Play presentations

The presentations are in streaming format, so no download is required. Depending on your internet connection, there may be some slight delays with slide transitions. An example that's been noted is a few second delay while loading the quiz questions. Please be patient if you have a slower internet connection.

Part 1 - Introduction to Build 8.0 and comprehensive training on the MSF. In continuous play, Part 1 takes just over 30 minutes.
Part 2 - Training on all the other Build 8.0 operational impacts, both at the RPG and the ORDA. In continuous play, Part 2 takes just under 20 minutes.


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational impacts of ORDA/RPG Build 8.0. Please send us your comments! Thanks!

Major Training Topics

The operational impacts of the ORDA/RPG Build 8.0 are:

RPG Build 8.0:

  1. Mode Selection Function (MSF)
  2. New Design for Filtering RPG Status Messages
  3. SCIT Reflectivity Data Filter
  4. MDA Updates and Fixes
  5. PPS Updates and Fixes
  6. Fix to Allow VMI Change While in VCP 121
  7. RPG/Users Communications Changes
  8. RPG System Status Log Product

ORDA Build 8.0:

  1. RDA HCI at the MSCF
  2. Clutter Bypass Map Range Placement Error Fixed
  3. ORDA Related Changes to CFC and NEXRAD Unit Status Products

The ORDA  Build 8.0 Release Notes and RPG Build 8.0 Release Notes are available from the Radar Operation Center's Release Notes page.

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