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RPG Build 12.0 Training

RPG Build 12.0 is the first step in the implementation of Dual Polarization (Dual Pol). Though your RDA will not be upgraded to Dual Pol for some time, RPG Build 12.0 has several changes in anticipation of Dual Pol. For example, different RPG windows will have new items such as:

  • D (for Dual Pol) channel on the wideband connection,
  • Changes to the RPG VCP definitions to support Dual Pol data processing, and
  • New Dual Pol algorithms and associated adaptable parameters.

There are also some changes that are not dependent on Dual Pol, such as:

  • Legacy Mesocyclone algorithm and products removed,
  • MDA to ingest Super Res base data, and
  • 8-bit Spectrum Width products available for all elevations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the change to the RPG (Remote) VCPs that supports the Dual Pol upgrade.
  2. Identify the two Dual Pol algorithms that appear on the RPG Algorithms window.
  3. dentify which legacy RPG algorithm and products are removed, and the remaining algorithm that provides the same type of decision support.
  4. Identify the change to input data for the Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm (MDA) and the expected results.


Additional copies of the document, RPG Build 12.0 Training (1.05 MB PDF), are available for download.


The training presentation in streaming format is available from this page for DoD, FAA, and NWS partners who wish to learn about RPG Build 12.0. The presentation takes about 15 minutes to complete.

NWS Staff NWS Partners

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NWS Partners can access this training from WDTD directly. You have the option of launching the presentation directly from our web site or downloading a copy for local viewing.

NWS Partners click here to view the streaming presentationClick here to download the 5.34 MB ZIP file of this presentation to your computer


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational changes with RPG Build 12.0. Please send us your comments! Thanks!

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