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RDA/RPG Build 11.0 Training

The WDTD has prepared training materials to support the deployment of the RDA/RPG Build 11.0 software. This particular release has one significant change to the way clutter suppression is managed. It is called the Clutter Mitigation Decision (CMD) Algorithm, and the majority of this training is devoted to CMD.

During the RDA/RPG Build 11.0 Beta Test, problems were detected that are addressed with RDA Software Update 11.1. After you have completed the RDA/RPG Build 11.0 training, please review the RDA Software Update 11.1 information at the bottom of this page.


Additional copies of the document, RDA/RPG Build 11.0 Training (6.97 MB PDF), are available for download.


Note to NWS Staff:

To receive credit for completing the RDA/RPG Build 11.0 Training, you must take the training module, the test, and survey through the NWS Learning Center! The links below are for reference only.

The training presentation in streaming format is available from this page for DoD, FAA, and NWS partners who wish to learn about RDA/RPG Build 11.0.

View the streaming presentation
Click here to download the Build 11.0 Training Presentation for Local Viewing(23 MB ZIP)

Animations of CMD Performance

Two animations of CMD's effectiveness are available:

  1. CFC Holes - There are very small cells close to the radar, some of which are embedded in the normal ground clutter. The holes in the bypass map are associated with these cells. CMD is identifying the targets as weather and not assigning clutter filtering to the corresponding range bins. CMD is preserving a weather target, even when it is embedded in ground clutter.
  2. Let CMD Chase the AP - This example is from two nearby radars, one with Build 10 (no CMD) and the other with Build 11 (CMD). A squall line with tornadic storms is moving through the CWA. Unfortunately, there were several fatalities that evening in Lone Grove. An area of AP clutter developed behind this line near the time when Lone Grove was impacted. To their credit, someone at the forecast office with Build 10 (no CMD) was able to download a file with All Bins. The AP clutter never appeared on the test bed radar with Build 11 installed and CMD turned On.

Major Training Topics

The operational changes with RDA/RPG Build 11.0 are:

  1. Clutter Mitigation Decision (CMD) algorithm
  2. Addressing false RDA alarms when switching to/from VCP 31
  3. Improvements to the Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm (MDA)
  4. Removal of rarely used products
  5. VAD slant range parameter reset to default value of 30 km

RDA Software Update 11.1

RDA Software Update 11.1 (late July - early August 2009) has 2 changes related to clutter suppression. The Operational Changes document (375 KB PDF) presents these updates. Please complete the RDA/RPG Build 11.0 Training before reading this document! It is written with the assumption that you are familiar with the RDA/RPG Build 11.0 changes!


WDTD welcomes your feedback on how well this training supported your understanding of the operational changes with RDA/RPG Build 11.0. Please send us your comments! Thanks!

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