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WDTD AWIPS Warning-Related Training

This page provides access to WDTD's AWIPS build update training information. Click on the appropriate link below to access the webpage for the following WDTD AWIPS Operational Build (OB) training:

  1. OB9.0 (Feb 2009)
    1. AWIPS Hydro Training
      • High Resolution Precipitation Nowcaster
      • FFMP
      • FFMP Adjusted Flash Flood Guidance
      • Incorporating HPN into Flash Flood Decision Making
    2. Feature Following Zoom
    3. Panel Combo Rotate and All Panel Sample
    4. TDWR in FSI
    5. ARSR-4 Radar
    6. ASR-11 Radar
  2. OB8.3 (July 2008)
    1. FFMP-Advanced
    2. High-Resolution Precipitation Estimator
    3. Four-Dimensional Stormcell Investigator Changes (FSI)
    4. Integrated Radar Sampling
  3. OB8.2 (Dec. 2007)
    1. Four Dimensional Stormcell Investigator (FSI)
    2. Estimated Actual Velocity Tool (EAV)
  4. OB8.1 (July 2007)
    1. Storm-Based Warnings
  5. OB7.2 ( Jan. 2007)
    1. Guardian (new AWIPS alert manager)
    2. SNOW (winter weather surface observation monitor)
    3. WSR-88D and TDWR Improvements
    4. FFMP and SCAN DMD Improvements
  6. OB7.1 (Sep. 2006)
    1. Radar Cross-Sections in the Volume Browser
    2. New All-Tilts functionality
    3. VWP plan views and "perspective" plots
    4. Snow Accumulation Algorithm
  7. OB5.0
    1. Comparison of TDWR and WSR-88D data
    2. TDWR data in AWIPS
    3. Operational benefits of TDWR data
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