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Sub-Seasonal to Seasonal Climate Requirements

Please let us know your subseasonal and seasonal (S2S) needs through the form below.

NWS is collecting needs for subseasonal to seasonal services in compliance with the Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017, also known as Public Law 115 - 25, and in particular, Title II, Sec. 201, which states that NWS shall "...collect and utilize information in order to make usable, reliable, and timely foundational forecasts of subseasonal and seasonal temperature and precipitation...".

PL 115-25 defines subseasonal as two weeks to three months; seasonal as three months to two years.



NWS will be looking for common themes that are in line with the approved strategic areas (at right) for the climate program.

Once a theme has been identified, we will move the need through the NWS approval process --> requirement.

Requirements are entered into the queue within NWS for identification of potential avenues to translate them into services.

Items denoted with * are required fields.

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