National Weather Service Training Center

WHFS Checklist

Things to Remember to Do or Check On ... Back in the Office
after Attending the WHFS Workshop


References specified below
    County and zones UGC: For each location ... WHFS OP page 5-15
To add to the available list ... WHFS OP page 5-46
    Bank Full Stage for a new Forecast Point on a River ... WHFS OP page 5-18
Add and/or check data in the flood category window ... WHFS OP page 5-19
    Assign specific forecast points to the appropriate forecast groups ... WHFS OP page 5-18
Make RiverPro Forecast groups and ordering forecast points ... Hydrologist discretion and WHFS OP page 5-49
    Load Rating Curves: Get the curves from the RFC.
Call the WHFS Support Group to get help installing the curves.
    Administration Window: Put data into the blocks where necessary ... WHFS OP page 5-44
    Cities: Add to the database ... WEB and WHFS OP page 5-45
    Radar Locations for Stage I and II ... WHFS OP page 5-50
    Add Gages to the radars for Stage II ... WHFS OP page 5-51
    Areal Definitions: Import files into the database for Zones, Counties, Basins and Rivers ... WHFS OP page 5-52
    Vector Definitions: Import files into the database for Rivers, Streams, Highways and Roads .... WHFS OP page 5-53
    NWR Transmitter Window: Check to see if your transmitters are present ... WHFS OP page 5-54 and RiverPro.
    Data Ingest Filter: Set the Data Ingest switches for individual stations if needed ... WHFS OP pages 5-37 and Hydrologist Discretion depending on types of data that each station reports
    Range Check: Make sure that the Physical Elements are within the ranges and dates that you wish for your data ... WHFS OP pages 5-38
    Data Purge Parameters: This is how long you want to keep your data for each data table. Also if you choose to display your product in Hydroview you would have to set your Product Purge Parameters ... WHFS OP pages 5-39 ... Call WHFS Support Group for help in editing the Apps_default_site file for setting the shef_storetext token to ON.


References specified below
    Setup the Desired Product Settings


References specified below
    Customize your Templates: River Pro and WEB under the River Pro Information title tag).
    Setup your standard products by using the Forecast Points to Include, Modify Sections, and Save to File windows. (This is naming and saving .pcc files) ... WHFS OP pages 4-13 to 4-27, River Pro, and web( River Pro Information tag)

Other Items

References specified below
    Check Status of Shef Decoder and HDP decoder.
    Check date/time stamps of Cron jobs.


WHFS WFO Hydrologic Forecast System Revision 2.2 Operational User's Guide and Training Manual
River Pro Reference Manual AWIPS Builds 4.2 and 4.3
WHFS Support Group Web Page/How to - WHFS Software
Bill Wilson/WSH/OH2
Fain McGough/NWSTC/HMD

Checklist last reviewed or last on 1/06/2000