Table 2

Listing of Computer Programs and AFOS Macros
Used in the ILX QC Process

Computer Program Name and Description

ASOS Error Report
Alarms on AFOS whenever an error is detected with the most recent METAR ASOS observation. (See Figure 1)
ASOS Error Summary
Daily summary of all missing and partially missing METAR ASOS observations. QC Team Leader compiles information from these summaries to write his/her monthly report to the MIC.
Hourly ASOS Summary
AFOS macro written at ILX that lists all ASOS METAR observations within the CWA. (See Figure 2)
River Comparison Program
Program written at ILX that lists river stage and precipitation information from CR-10 and DCP sites in tabular format. (See Figure 4)
ROSA Observation Summary
AFOS macro written at ILX that lists all cooperative ROSA reports received in the last 24 hours. (See Figure 5)
Area Precipitation and Temperature Table
Compiles cooperative data reports into a tabular format. (See Figure 6)
Computerized Shift Log
Program written at ILX and available on computers linked to the ILX Local Area Network. Used to record events that occur during the shift.

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