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Closing an Official
Cooperative Observing Site

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Follow the Sequence Below to Close a Station

Check the Process Overview Below

Step A1:
Requirements for Closure
      Step A2:
Network Considerations
      Step A4:
Disposal of
            Step A3:
Authorization for Closure

Process Overview

This web site provides comprehensive look at the mechanics involved in the closing of a Cooperative Weather Station. Stations should not be closed arbitrarily or without authorization. It is important to consider the needs of all users prior to closure.

The steps involved in closing a station include:

  • A1 - Defining Requirements for Closing

    As with any major change in the status of a cooperative weather station, a justification for the change is needed. This includes submission of a B-43 to the Regional Cooperative Program Manager (RCPM) who investigates the request.

  • A2 - Network Considerations

    The impact of the closing of a cooperative weather station on the various networks must be evaluated prior to approval.

  • A3 - Obtaining Authorization for Closure

    A cooperative weather station must not be closed without explicit approval of the RCPM. This approval is given only after an extensive search on the impact of the closing and the need for the station data.

  • A4 - Disposal of Equipment and Instruments

    Once a station is closed, NWS equipment must be removed and disposed of appropriately.

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