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Punch Tape Recording Rain Gage

Inspection and Preventative Maintenance

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The routine inspection of the Punch Tape Recording Rain Gage is the key to maximizing gage availability. Time spent during periodic site visits performing preventive maintenance (PM) will result in a marked decrease in time spent on future emergency visits and gage repairs. A standard PM routine is also one of the most effective means of maximizing productivity during your station visit. Every visit to Punch Tape Gage should include documented PM service.

The purpose of this module is to provide an overview of the PM services that you should cover during your site visits. At the end of this lesson you may download a sample checklist which can used to document individual Preventative Maintenance visits to a gage. You can use the checklist as is or modify it to suit your needs. It is also suggested that a PM log be maintained for each gage as a ready troubleshooting tool for future visits.

Inspection and Preventive Maintenance Check List

The schedule shown below is a revision of the April, 1976, maintenance schedule in Engineering Handbook #10 (EHB-10). It is designed as a guideline for you when you perform service on the Punched Tape Recording Rain Gage.

To download a WordPerfect Copy of the Punch Tape Recording Rain Gage Check List, click here and receive an executable (.EXE) zip file that expands into a WordPerfect file.

Review Questions

Question 1

The inspection and preventive maintenance checklist should be used:

A. Whenever you feel so inclined.
B. During every visit to a site.
C. Before the winter season.
D. Only on dry, comfortable days.

Question 2

Inspect the paper tape punch holes for:

A. Clean, sharp holes.
B. The correct frame count.
C. Skipping and stripping.
D. All of the above.

Question 3

The funnel in the upper housing should be installed:

A. At all times.
B. During periods of snow and freezing weather.
C. During the warm season.
D. Only during heavy rainfall.

Question 4

Ensure the observer is comfortable with:

A. Installing new tape.
B. Annotating the tape at ON and OFF.
C. Winterization procedures.
D. All of the above.

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