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Course Description

Course:TDSS01 - Tropical IDSS Boot Camp

Type of Course: Blended course integrating online course prerequisites, in-person (remote) synchronous learning (1 full day), followed by 5 days of drills, exercises, simulations, and feedback in residence at the NHC.

Target Audience: NWS personnel who will provide direct, tailored IDSS to core partners before, during, and after a tropical event, through deployment or dedicated remote support.

Course Description:This course uses exercises, simulations, and discussions to reinforce the skills the trainees have learned through the prerequisite material and to develop and strengthen the specific skills required for IDSS in a tropical event. This is achieved through practice, repetition, feedback, large and small group discussion, in-class mentoring, coaching, and self-assessment. Instructors place emphasis on empowering the participants to confidently and successfully deliver accurate IDSS in the unique, high impact, high visibility situation that is typical of tropical events. The importance of understanding and working within ICS structure is complemented by an enhanced understanding that each situation will be unique and flexibility is required to manage the demands and responsibilities of delivering IDSS in a tropical event.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  1. Effectively perform position activities in support of core partners and their goals during a tropical event.
  2. Demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and respect while supporting partners during a tropical event.
  3. Gather and assess mission-critical weather and/or water information with NWS and core-partner team members to accomplish objectives during a tropical event.
  4. Communicate relevant information with NWS and core-partner team members in an accurate, timely, and appropriate manner.

Required Pre-requisites: In order to be eligible to attend this course, employees must complete the following items and be signed off by their supervisor:

  • IDSS Professional Development Series Competency Units 1-6
    • Note: You do not have to complete ICS-300 within PCU 6 to be eligible.
  • A Prerequisite Curriculum will be assigned to each participant 8 weeks before the course start date. This will include Storm Surge, Wind Threat, Flooding Rain, Media Training, CISM, and other modules in the CLC.
  • Partner Interview: Participants will interview at least one core partner. This should be someone they would provide IDSS to during a hurricane or tropical event. We will provide a short list of questions/topics to get them started and anticipate they will expand upon that list.
  • Live Prerequisite Day: Scheduled on the Friday before the residence portion of the course begins, attendance and full participation in this 8-hour live, Virtual Prerequisite Day is mandatory for course attendance. The key instructional points from the modules, as well as messaging requirements and techniques are presented with a focus on dialog and Q&A.
    • Note: You do not need your supervisor to sign off on this. Your attendance in this full day of training is enough.

Eligible Non-NWS Personnel:Attendance for any Non-NWS personnel will be considered by the OCLO on a case by case basis.


  • Jim Keeney

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