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Course Description

Course Name: Science and Operations Officers Development Course

Type of Course: Blended course integrating online pre-course recommendations and 14.0 days at the NWSTC.

Target Audience: Science and Operations Officers who are responsible for leading change and infusing emerging science and technology into NWS field operations as we integrate strategic goals in building a Weather Ready Nation.

Course Description: This OCLO course is a blended approach consisting of peer-to-peer learning, hands-on lab activities, group problem-solving, AWIPS WES-2 simulations, and facilitated-classroom instruction by subject matter experts. We now have a working Google Site set-up to help with communicating important course developments.

Course Performance Goals: After completing this training, the student should be able to demonstrate skills needed to effectively accomplish job tasks that support the NWS Science Vision and the SOO-DOH Program

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Lead and motivate in navigating change.
  • Improve efficacy in establishing and leading local training programs.
  • Provide instruction on tools available for conducting local research.
  • Mentor others in the provision of scientifically-driven IDSS content.
  • Demonstrate principles of adult learning and instructional design.
  • Increase their knowledge of the meteorological and atmospheric sciences.
  • Present scientific information on atmospheric observing systems.
  • Utilize audio and video for building effective learning sessions.
  • Design weather event simulations for a variety of needs.
  • Use root cause analysis techniques to support performance improvement.
  • Use the Commerce Learning Center to manage and facilitate learning.
  • Facilitate cornerstone courses such as RAC/WOC.
  • Integrate research results and new technologies into the warning and forecast process.

Note: Specific course schedule, requirements and materials will be provided to participants with the selection letter and welcome packet approximately six weeks before the course.

Recommended Prerequisites: TBD

Recommended Post Course Training: TBD


  • Jeff Zeltwanger

Class dates:

Travel/Acct. info:

    US Dept of Commerce
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    National Weather Service Training Center
    7220 N.W. 101st Terr.
    Kansas City, M0 64153
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