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Course Description

Course Number: S1003 - ASOS MAINTENANCE

Type of Course: Residence - 13 working days

Objectives: To provide NWS Electronic Technicians with the knowledge and skills necessary to calibrate, perform preventive maintenance, and perform corrective maintenance on the ASOS system including all sensors. Corrective maintenance is taught to the Field Replacement Unit (FRU) level consistent with the current ASOS maintenance philosophy. Students will understand both the diagnostic and operational levels of ASOS communications software. Students will leave the course with an understanding of the overall concept of the ASOS system.

Contents: This course will cover organization and use of system manuals; hands-on use of diagnostic firmware for the detection of failed sensors and assemblies, and testing of replaced units; hands-on use of built-in test equipment; removal and replacement instructions for failed assemblies; preventive maintenance requirements and procedures; the running of remote maintenance monitoring and diagnostic systems test; maintenance alignment of sensors; system interconnections; firmware installation and trouble-shooting; and an introduction to all aspects of ASOS software. Also covered is iformation on current ASOS problem areas as identified by field technicians and specialists, which will be of interest to technicians until the problems have been corrected.

Syllabus: Please read prior to attending: ASOSsyllabus.pdf

Materials: All materials are provided.

ACE Recommendations: The American Council on Education has recommended three semester hours in Digital & Electronics Systems Maintenance in the lower division baccalaureate associate degree category. Recommendation retroactive to 10/93.

The ACE has also reviewed the previous ASOS Maintenance Course. The ASOS I course was recommended for two semester hours in Electronic in the vocational degree category retroactive to 1/92. For ASOS II, the recommendation is three semester hours in the Meteorological Instrumentation and one in Physical Science Laboratory in the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category retroactive to 2/92.


  • Bob Retzlaff

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