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Course Description

Course: R4201 - WSR-88D MLOS - LR4-2000 DMR, Maintenance & Operation (Digital Microwave Radio)

Type of Course: Residence - 3 days

Course Description: The course objective is to provide the skills and knowledge required to perform installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment so as to achieve a minimum of downtime.  You will learn to use the proper procedures to eliminate equipment damage resulting from incorrect handling as well as how to relate the comprehensive documentation in the instruction manual to actual equipment operation and maintenance.  You will be taught a good understanding of the test equipment appropriate to your system and how Farinon equipment operation relates to the entire telecommunication system.  Finally you will learn "Trouble shooting" at a module level and performance monitoring techniques to maintain an initial level of system operation.


  • General Information                     Protection
  • Farinon Publication and Drawing         Operation
  • Basic Digital background                Alarm Synopsis
  • Application                             Diagnostic
  • Instruction Manual                      Student Participation in system                                         Alignment and operation
  • Signal Flow                        


  • Michael Teer

Class dates:

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