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Course Description

Course Number: R4006 - WSR-88D MAINTENANCE

Type of Course: Residence (25 working days)

Objectives: Upon successful completion of the WSR-88D system maintenance course, students will have acquired the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform (with limited supervision) the following tasks:

  • Initialize, and configure the WSR-88D system in all operational and maintenance modes.
  • Turn-off the system in an organized and orderly sequence for the purpose of performing partial or full system maintenancea.
  • Monitor and evaluate the WSR-88D system configuration and status using remote maintenance/status monitoring equipment.
  • Perform and document all system testing.
  • Distinguish between hardware and software faults.
  • Monitor and evaluate ON-LINE and OFF-LINE diagnostics as a trouble-shooting tool.
  • Describe the WSR-88D computer software architecture.
  • Perform preventative and corrective maintenance on the system.
  • Perform a full software load and backup adaptation data.

Contents: The WSR-88D Maintenance course covers basic Doppler radar fundamentals, Application Software fundamentals from a maintenance aspect as well as an operations aspect. Student guides, laboratory exercises and supplement materials (diagnostic software, block diagrams, handouts) will guide the student through the system. Hands on training in fault isolation, repair, and alignments will aid the Electronic Technician to quickly return the WSR-88D Radar to an operational status.

There will be three written exams scheduled the during course

Prerequisites: None required at this time

Suggested Review: Basic radar fundamentals, calculating peak power, and using db's, dbm's, and watts.

Materials: All materials are provided. All written material, note pads, and a calculator is provided. You may bring your own calculator provided it supports log functions

ACE Recommendation: The American Council on Education has recommended one semester hour credit in Computer Systems Analysis and three semester hours credit in Radar Systems in the lower division baccalaureate category. Recommendations from 2/92 to present date.


  • Michael Teer

Class dates:

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