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Course Description

Course: MGT06 - Field Operations Management

Type of Course: Blended course integrating reading and online course prerequisites and 4.5 days in residence at the NWSTC.

Target Audience:

  • Team Leads that are bargaining unit employees including WFO/RFC/National Center or equivalent lead forecasters, regional team leads, and headquarters program team leads (GS 12-14)
  • Non-NWS Attendees: Bargaining unit employees from other NOAA line offices and other federal agencies meeting the criteria equivalent to the NWS criteria

This course is open to all federal agencies. For increased diversity of experience, ideas, and methods, there are typically slots available in each session for non-NWS applicants who meet the intended audience criteria.

Course Start/End Times: Monday 8:00 am - Friday Noon

Course Travel Information: Travel to the course occurs the Sunday before the start of the course. Return travel can begin Friday afternoon, but participants should not schedule return flights departing before 1:30 pm. More specific instructions will be sent to students and supervisors six to eight weeks before the start of the course.

Course Description: This course provides knowledge and skills necessary to lead forecast office, river forecast center, or regional teams in the absence of a supervisor. Emphasis is placed on: team situational leadership, communications, communicating with the public through the media, personnel and administrative policies, basic labor relations, conflict management, and performance.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Identify the responsibilities of working with office managers and supervisors
  • Explain basic leadership concepts
  • Apply leadership techniques based on team development stages
  • Work effectively within the collective bargaining agreement
  • Lead a diverse work team
  • Manage conflict within the working environment
  • Solve personnel and administrative problems
  • Identify and use media communications techniques
  • Set and maintain high performance standards in the workplace

Required Pre-requisites: Specific course schedule, requirements and materials will be provided to participants with the selection letter and welcome packet approximately six weeks before the course. The non-residence segment of this course begins after receiving the welcome letter. Non-residence prerequisite work requires the completion of (time estimates in parenthesis):

  • Reading Strengths Based Leadership (two hours)
  • Completing the online Strength Finders assessment (20 minutes)
  • Completing the online Situational Team Leadership assessment (15 minutes)
  • Completing the 'Media Training for NWS Employees' module on the Commerce Learning Center (60 minutes)
  • Completing the following communication modules from the IDSS Professional Development Series - Professional Competency Unit 3 on the Commerce Learning Center (60 minutes)
    • Fundamentals of Communication: What is Communication?
    • Fundamentals of Communication: Tone of Voice
    • Fundamentals of Communication: Body Language
    • Fundamentals of Communication: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Optional, but Recommended Review: None


  • Jeff Zeltwanger

Class dates:

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    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    National Weather Service Training Center
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