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Course Number
M18X2 - AWIPS 2 System Administration

Type of Course
On-line and residence

The AWIPS 2 System Administration course provides knowledge of hardware and software, data flow and configuration, etc. to the various personnel at field offices and national centers responsible for performing system administration. Class lectures and lab exercises stress the importance of system monitoring, knowledge of configuration and troubleshooting to ensure a secure and stable operating environment.

Course Structure
The AWIPS 2 System Administration course has two distinct parts.

  • Part 1 is on-line. Registration is completed in the LMS and the content exists in VLab. Thus it is possible to work on Part 1 of the course at any time from an AWIPS system, if so desired.
  • Part 2 is completed in residence at the National Weather Service Training Center. Enrollment in the residence course should be coordinated with your supervisor and Regional Headquarters.

Prior to attending the residence course, the following requirements shall be met:

  • Completion of AWIPS-2 System Administration for ESAs and ITOs - Part1 in VLab.
  • Completion of Postgres Overview for ESAs, ITOs, and AWIPS Focal Points in VLab.
  • Six months of AWIPS 2 system administration experience including software/hardware installation, basic system monitoring (Appendix I of the System Managers Manual), configuration and troubleshooting in conjunction with NCF.
  • Completion of a LINUX System Administration residence course at NWSTC.


  • Part 1 materials are available from the Online Courses tab within the AWIPS 2 System Administration Course community of VLab.
  • Part 2 materials are provided by the NWSTC and include a copy of residence course lecture modules and lab exercises.

Randy Schupbach

Dennis Blondin

Wes Craven

Class dates:
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