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M18X2 - AWIPS II System Admin Course Outline

An outline of topics and time estimates are provided below.

Part 1 (AWIPS-2 System Administration for ESAs and ITOs Part 1 completed online in the learncenter):

1-Roles & Responsibilities (1 hour)
2-Change Management (1 hour)
3-Networking:  NIS (2 hours)
4-Networking : NFS (2 hours)
5-Networking: DNS (2 hours)
6-SBN Retransmission (1 hour)
7-Security (2 hours)

Part 2 Residence training (AWIPS II Sys Admin – M18X2 - contact your region to enroll):

NCF Presentation (1.0 hours)
1-System Architecture Review (2  hours)
2-Networking: SSH (2 hours), LAN/WAN (1 hour), H/W status (1 hour), Add an NA box to AWIPS (2 hours), Comms Backup (1 hour), Thin Client (1 hour)
3-Cyclades (1.5 hours)
4-User Accounts (2 hours)
5-CAVE (2 hours)
6-System Data Storage & Retrieval (3 hours)
7-Ingest Programs & Data Flow (7.5 hours)
8- Postgres Database (2.5 hours)
9-Site Data Configuration (10 hours)
10-Message Handling System (1.0 hours)
11-AWIPS Clusters (3.0 hours)
12- Crons (2 hours)
13- LDAD (7.0 hours)
14-Firewall (2.5 hours)
15-Service Backup (3.5 hours)
16- Administration Tips, System Checkup, Monitoring (5.5 hours)
17- Troubleshooting (10.5 hours)
18-System Backup & Recovery (2.5 hours)
19-System Shutdown & Booting (2.5 hours)

Note: Many troubleshooting exercises will be included with the above topics. There will also be time for round-table discussion between students to provide an opportunity to share useful AWIPS information derived at the field sites.


Course Description

Course Number: M18X2 - AWIPS II System Admin

Type of Course: blended | residence - 13 days & online 13 hours

Objectives: The AWIPS System Admin course is intended to provide the site ESA (or RFC equivalent), ITO and personnel responsible for performing system administration (National Center and Headquarter support personnel) with working knowledge of AWIPS hardware, communications, software components and dataflow. The emphasis will be on learning monitoring and problem solving techniques in order to ensure a secure and stable operating environment.


Prior to beginning Part 1 (the online portion of this course) learners are responsible for having had completed:

  • Any NWSTC UNIX/LINUX S.A. course
  • AWIPS-2 System Administration Overview for ESAs and ITOs (online in the LMS)

Prior to attending Part 2 (the residence portion of the course), learners are responsible for having completed:

  • Postgres Overview for ESAs, ITOs, and AWIPS Focal Points" (online in the LMS - search for "postgres").
  • …  at least 6 months of AWIPS ESA experience including software /hardware installation, user administration, basic system monitoring (Appendix I of the System Managers Manual), and troubleshooting and problem resolution of software/hardware /networking problems in conjunction with NCF.
  • AWIPS-2 System Administration for ESAs and ITOs Part1 (as described here)

Course Structure: The course is presented in 2 parts. Part 1 will be performed by the students online through the LMS. Part 2 will be completed in residence training presented by NWSTC. Click here if you would like to view a detailed list of course contents with estimated times.

Special Instructions: Learners must enroll and complete Part 1 of this course (AWIPS-2 System Administration for ESAs and ITOs Part1) through the LMS. You may complete this portion of this course at any point and enroll in Part 2 separately once it becomes available. Speak with your region to enroll for Part 2 AWIPS II Sys Admin – M18X2.

Materials: Again, Part 1 Materials may be located in the LMS. Search for "ESAs and ITOs" or click here. For Part 2: A copy of the AWIPS System Managers manual will be provided. (This manual will be referenced throughout the training course. A student guide and all other materials will also be provided by NWSTC.)


  • Randy Schupbach

Class dates:

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