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Course Description

Course: Introduction to NWS Linux Systems

Type of Course: Residence - 4 days

Target Audience: All ETs, ESAs, ITOs, and others who need introductory knowledge of Linux administration as part of their assigned duties. New ESAs and ITOs take priority when nominated to attend training.

Overview: This is one of a two part Linux System Administration curriculum that is offered by the NWSTC. This ENTRY-LEVEL Linux system administration course is designed to support a large variety of field activities which utilize the Linux operating system. This course provides students with Linux administration survival skills, which are applicable to AWIPS, NEXRAD, and standalone Linux workstations and servers within the NWS.

Objective: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to identify Linux core concepts and perform entry-level Linux system administration on NWS equipment.


  • Introduction to Linux
  • Basic Command Entry
  • Navigating the Directory Structure
  • Working with Files and Directories
  • Editing Files
  • Linux File and Directory Permissions
  • Managing Linux Processes
  • Linux Daemons and Services
  • Introduction to ssh
  • Introduction to NWS Networking
  • Introduction the NWS Linux Security

Required Prerequisites:

  • CLC Course: Red Hat Certified System Administrator: The Environment

Note: Completion of this prerequisite is mandatory. Students will not be permitted to attend the course without completing the prerequisite.

Materials: All course materials are provided.


  • Heather Galan

Class dates:

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