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Course Description

Course Number: FPR011 - Fall Protection and Rescue

Type of Course:Residence - 2.5 days

Registration : Scheduling Policy

Audience: NWS personnel required to climb elevated structures ( less than 100 ft) as a function of their duties and have not attended initial fall protection training.

Note: Certification of climbers who received their training prior to FY05 and in FY05 has expeired (In order to be reinstated as climbers, these individuals should take the initial Fall Protection and Rescue training again or a re-certification course with WSH approval). However, due to FY2011 budget constraints these individuals may be directed to take a re-certification class. Eligibility and registration should be coordinated with Regional Environmental/Safety Coordinators and Regional Training focal points.

Objective: This course includes classroom instruction and hands-on training (equipment donning, estimation of safe clearance, climbing, and simple rescue techniques for towers below 100 feet.) Practical exercises are performed on the Rohn towers installed at NWSTC. Climbing/fall protection equipment (harnesses and 100% tie-off lanyards etc.) will be individually fitted and issued to students during the class. Course attendees who will climb as part of their job will keep the equipment and take it back to their field offices.

Materials: Participants are expected to wear sturdy shoes during practical exercises. Coveralls, safety shoes, and gloves are recommended.

Contact Denise Lewis (NWSTC) for lodging/transportation information only after you recieve your welcome letter one month before the course.


  • Scott Burgoon

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