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Course Description

Lesson Name
Elements of a Cooperative Weather Station
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Type of Lesson
Used primarily by meteorologists, hydrometeorological technicians, and COOP volunteers
Describes typical equipment and procedures.

The first groups of tutorials provide a brief introductory reference to the COOP program with links for more detail, and describe procedures used with COOP sites.

The second group of tutorials describe COOP site equipment and maintanace.

COOP Site/Program Contents
  • Cooperative Weather Stations
  • Installation of a New Cooperative Observing Site
  • Inactivation / Reactivation of Cooperative Observing Site
  • Closing an Official Cooperative Observing Site
COOP Equipment Contents
  • Evaporation Stations
  • 8-inch Standard Rain Gage
  • Punch Tape Rain Gage: Paper Tape Description and Quality Control
  • Punch Tape Rain Gage: Inspection and Preventative Maintenance
  • Wire Weight Installation and Maintenance Procedures
Suggested Pre-Lesson Review
Materials / Equipment
No materials required
Length (approximate)
X Hour
Test for Credit


  • Jim Jones

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