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Course Description

Type of Course: In residence for 5.0 days at the NWSTC
Audience: ESAs, ETs, and NWR contractors
Prerequisites: CLC Online Course: NWR Introductory Course

Course Overview: The course consists of the theory of operation, maintenance procedures, and practical application of diagnostic techniques of the Armstrong-2010 (G300B/G1000B) Weather Radio transmitters. Use of the ROAMS (Remote Off Air Monitoring System), and the Armstrong interface software is covered.

The NWR training employs multiple training delivery methods for cost efficient and effective learning. This training consists of three principal venues:

  1. Student self-study:
  2. CLC Online Course: NWR Introductory Course.
  3. NWSTC Residence Course: Students will travel to NWSTC for hands-on training in the NWR Lab.

Course Objective: Upon successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills required to maintain the Armstrong-2010 (G300B/G1000B) Weather Radio transmitter at established National Weather Service Standards.

Learning Topics:

  • System manual layout and content
  • System overview
  • Installation requirements
  • Operation
  • Principles of operation
  • Removal and replacement of LRUs (Lowest Replaceable Unit) or FRU (Field Replaceable Unit)
  • Test equipment setup and connections
  • Control and monitoring with a computer
  • ROAMS Operation
  • Maintenance and adjustments - including PMs in the Maintenance Schedule and sending/receiving tones remotely from BMH
  • VHF single cavity tuning
  • Troubleshooting

Testing: There is a written test for this course.

Materials: All course materials are provided.


  • Michael Reddy

  • Heather Gardner
    Team Lead

Class dates:

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