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Course Description

Course Number: B2301 - NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter - Armstrong 2010

Type of Course: In residence for 5.0 days at the NWSTC (plus 4 hours of prerequisite self-study)

Audience: ESAs, ETs, NWR Contractors.

Overview: The NWR class employs multiple instruction delivery mechanisms for cost efficient and effective learning. This training consists of two principal venues:

  1. Student Self-Study (on-site). The Armstrong G300B/G1000B Factory Manual will be available to the student to familiarize themselves before attending the course.
  2. NWSTC classroom and lab. At the conclusion of the self-study portion, students will travel to NWSTC for hands-on training and skills verification.

Objectives: To provide the electronic technician with the skills required to maintain the Armstrong-2010 Weather Radio transmitter (G300B/G1000B), at established National Weather Service Standards.

Content: The course consists of the theory of operation, maintenance and adjustments, and practical application of diagnostic techniques of the Armstrong G300B/G1000B transmitters. Use of the ROAMS (Remote Off Air Monitoring System), and the Armstrong interface software (Telecon Remote Monitoring Software) is covered.

Testing: Written tests for the course include:

  1. Question/Answer throughout the Hands-on Labs, to be answered in lab and reviewed in lecture.
  2. Final written Exam (20 questions)

Prerequisites: Prior to attending the residence course, the following should be completed:

Materials: All materials are provided. Printed manual distributed in class.


  • Michael Reddy

Class dates:

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