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AWOC Winter Weather Track Course Material Directory

Important News

Development and delivery of the FY13 AWOC Winter Weather Track was not funded. However, these training materials are provided for your local training initiatives to use as you see fit. A punch list of needed changes needed have been provided so you know which content is most likely out of date. Click on the panels below to expand (contract) them and view details of the course content. Certicates of completion will not be provided by WDTD for those completing courses in the NWS Learning Center during FY13.

Most Recent Version of Course

IC Winter 1: Orientation


  • Lesson 1.1: Orientation to the Winter Weather Track of AWOC

    • Facilitator/Student Orientation 2010-11 - now completed by Instructor Led Training

Student Handouts & References



IC Winter 2: Products and Services


Student Handouts & References



IC Winter 3: User Needs to Mitigate Societal Impacts - Road Weather
IC Winter 4: Climatology


Student Handouts & References


Optional Exercises (required for the platinum development plan)

Microclimatology exercise contributions from the field
IC 5: Precipitation Forcing Mechanisms and Associated Diagnosis of Winter Weather Systems
IC 6: Synoptic/Mesoscale Forecasting of Precipitation Type and Amount
IC 7: Monitoring System Evolution


Student Handouts & References



IC 8: Non-Precipitation Warning Considerations


Student Handouts & References




IC 9: Winter Weather Simulations Using the WES

Simulations from FY12 have two traits that make them out of date:

  1. lack dual-polarization radar data and
  2. the data are in AWIPS-1 format.

WDTD staff are not available to assist you in facilitating the course.

Content from Earlier Versions of the Course

Suspended Lessons

FY 2006/2007 Versions:


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